School Uniform


White T-Shirt with checked collar,checked shorts(for Boys),checked divided skirt(for Girls),white socks(with 2 stripes) and black PT shoes.

Grade 1 to 12:

White T-shirt with checked collar,Grey Trousers,Grey socks and black sports shoes and Red hoodie jacket.

Formal Uniform:

For Grade (6-12) – A formal uniform for occasions and special days will include a white shirt,Tie, a Blazer and grey trousers.

            For Games & PT


            • White T-shirt & white shorts (for Boys)
            • White T-shirt & white divided skirts (for Girls)
            • White socks & White shoes.

            Grade (1 to 12):

            • House coloured T-shirts with grey trousers,grey socks and black sports shoes.
            • It is mandatory for students to be in neat and clean uniform on regular school days and for all school functions.
            • Punctuality must be included as a virtue. The student’s behavior should be polite at all times both inside and outside the school.
            • No students shall leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the respective Shift In Charge/ Principal on written request from parent/guardian. Wilfull damage to school property shall have to be compensated by parent/guardian.
            • On the day/days your child is absent from school, parents are advised to check for any circulars/homework, which may have been given.
            • Incase your child is absent, the class teacher/school authorities must be informed immediately followed by a leave application on the next day.
            • Students are not allowed to bring trolley bags, mobile phones, electronic gadgets, musical instruments, DVD, CD players, playing cards, football, cricket bats etc. Incase these things are found in their possessions, the items will be confiscated.
            • During the parent teachers meeting the students are required to come to school on neat and tidy school uniform. Separate circular will not be issued regarding this.
            • Photographs to be attested by the school authorities must be in school uniform.
            • Parents should ensure that their children are sent to the school properly dressed in neat and tidy uniform and with proper hair cut etc. No jewellery, except a pair of small earrings for girls, should be worn to school.
            • Parents will also ensure that they keep a regular check over the academic performance of their wards.