The term Education – broadly means “The act or process of imparting or acquiring knowledge, and skills which will enable an individual to have a better life in future”.

To have a formal education there is a need to have a “curriculum” – which is a set of courses and their content.

Abu Dhabi Indian School is affiliated to the CBSE (Secondary Board of Secondary Education), New Delhi and is recognised and licenced by the Ministry of Education, Private Section, Abu Dhabi Zone. It prepares the students for the All India Senior School Certificate Examination.

At the Senior Secondary level School offers admission in Science and Commerce streams.

Science Stream 

  • Group 1 : English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Group 2 : English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science
  • Group 3 : English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology

Commerce Stream

  • Group 4 : English, Mathematics, Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics
  • Group 5 : English, Informatics Practices , Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics
  • Group 6 : English, Accountancy, Business Studies , Economics and Sociology/ Psychology
  • In 2017, CBSE has gone back to the old pattern of having compulsory Board Exams for Grade X. CCE pattern of School Examination stands cancelled.
  • For Grade X, board examination are of 80 marks. 20 marks are for Internal Assessment.
  • Internal Assessment – 10 marks for periodic tests, 5 marks are for Notebooks and 5 marks for Subject enrichment activities.
  • Same Assessment policy is followed for Grades VI TO IX.
  • Board Examination are held in the month of March.

Ministry Subjects included in the Curriculum are

  • Arabic (Grades 1 to 12)
  • Islamic Education (Grades 1 to 12) For Muslim Students

General Knowledge (Grades 1 to 12) For Other Students

  • USST (Grades 1 to 9)
  • Moral Education (Grades 1 to 12)

The major thrust of curriculum is on continuous growth of student in the following fields:

  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Cultural and
  • Social development
  • UAE Identity
  • 21st century Skills
  • Moral Values

Thus teaching at school :

  • Is Interdisciplinary and holistic
  •  Promote Critical thinking and problem-solving skills among students
  •  Involves students in Participatory decision making
  •  Is Locally relevant in a global context
  •  Is Multi-method, multi-sourced, multi-accessed
  •  Aim at Skill and Capacity building
  •  Inculcating values
  •  Encourage Respect for tradition, culture, knowledge, diversity

In CO-Scholastic area students are graded on three point scale (A,B,C) for Grades I TO VIII and on a five point scale (A,B,C,D,E) for Grades IX and X.

In Co- Scholastic students are graded for

  1. Work Education
  2. Art Education (Visual and Performing Art)
  3. Discipline
  4. Health and Physical Education (Sports).