Pioneers Maths Club


To be a dynamic platform that will provide resources to learn, explore experience and engage with Mathematical ideas


To facilitate a meaningful, joyful and whole some engagement with Mathematics, free from Stress, anxiety for children in an environment that is safe for enquiry, exploration and discovery.


  • To develop the methematical abilities of the members through adequate trainings.
  • To develop the right attitude of the members toward group activities.
  • To participate in Mathematics Competition inside and outside the campus.
  • To use appropriate mathematical concepts and skills to solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations including those in real-life contexts
  • To create an easy to learn concept of mathematics.
  • To develop techniques for critical thinking.
  • To Influence students to like math and explore their hidden potentials in math
  • To Help students with difficulties in math..
  • To create a supportive learning environment for mathematics.
  • To prepare the students for various Math quizzes and Olympiad examinations.
  • To teach its members Vedic Math this would help them in making numerical calculations easier.

Office Bearers :

  • President : Faizan Ahmed
  • Vice President: Nisarg Shah
  • Secretary: Manas Phawde
  • Media Coordinator: Febin Jamal
  • Coordinator-1: Aditya Khatu
  • Coordinatir-2: Deep Waghulde

Teacher Incharge :

  • Mr. Mohammad Aslam
  • Mr. M.A. Hussain
  • Mr. Joby Mathew
  • Mrs. Mahalakshmi.V