The Psychology Club named as ‘Perceptions’ is first of its kind in the history of Abu Dhabi Indian School. It is an initiative of the Psychology students. The following are the details of the club.


  • To increase understanding in the field, facilitate interaction among students and enrich students’ social experiences.
  • To expose students to a variety of topics within the specialized and general fields of Psychology.
  • To help students to achieve their academic and career goals.
  • To engage in social events to become responsive and responsible citizens in the world.


Perceptions’ aspires to become a medium between the students and the subject itself, helping them appreciate the subject as they explore it.


  • To provide opportunities to explore the world of Psychology through talks, games, social events etc.
  • To explain the use of Psychological concepts and theories in everyday life.
  • To provide better understanding on the scope and job prospects in the field of Psychology.
  • To mold the students as responsible and effective human beings in the society by creating awareness of their social responsibility