Arabic For All Club


To enable the students to speak Arabic fluently so as to help them to communicate with the Arabic speaking people effectively. This will be helpful in bridging the gap between India and the UAE, further enhancing emotional and professional bond between the two.


  • To become a model of students acquiring superior second language skills In Arabic as the basis for high overall academic achievement.
  • To develop the knowledge and skills in students necessary to be productive and valued citizens in a culturally diverse, global economy.
  • To prepare all students to be academically successful in their choice of secondary and post-secondary education options.


To achieve academic excellence and intercultural competence through language immersion education.


We will conduct short sessions on how to converse in day to day life in Arabic. For example, market place, in Govt. Offices, or any other place where Arabic language is required. Through this, our students will be inspired to use Arabic more efficiently..