We are committed to impart the quality education that is holistic in its perspective. Well qualified and experienced staff are appointed to train and develop all kinds of skills among the students at various levels i.e. kindergarten, primary, middles, secondary and senior secondary.
Academic achievement is enhanced by energizing the body and the mind through sports and cultural activities. The students attend school in a healthy, harmonious and competitive environment and graduate ready to face the challenges of the world with confidence.



It is our sincere endeavour to light the fire of inquiry, commitment and zeal in the young minds that step into our portals and help them chart their courses in life. We are dedicated to hone young children into becoming global citizens of the future. Being away from home, we enlighten and teach them to respect values that are inherently Indian, so that they remain connected to their native country. 
Our students also learn to respect the culture and values of the UAE since they enjoy the added advantage of being in a country that is close to home in more ways than one. Living in the UAE, in a multinational and multicultural milieu, they are exposed to the international community and learn what global citizenship is all about in simple ways.