The Team ADIS is committed to providing a holistic development of our students by ensuring a positive and professional learning environment. Our school help students to achieve their best and be a Global citizen through lateral thinking and problem solving. We ensure a safe learning environment that develops enduring values of respect, honesty, integrity, tolerance, fairness and trust. Children are encouraged to develop as literate, numerate and technologically competent individuals within an exciting and challenging curriculum. Classrooms provide a purposeful learning environment, including thought provoking and stimulating displays. Whole school alignment of pedagogy is expected and monitored to ensure continuum of the curriculum. Parents and wider community are partners in supporting the student development.

Our teaching focusses on setting high expectations, planning that ensures academic achievement, structuring and delivering student centered lessons. The teaching expertise see engaging students to develop learning skills, personal and social skills, innovative skills and environment citizenship skills by creating a strong classroom culture, setting high behavioral expectations , building character development and challenging students to think critically from Kindergarten to Senior grades . Assessing students through activities, cycle tests and term exams allows room for improvement and attainment.


*To ensure high quality teaching that enable the acquisition of skills, Knowledge and understanding that leads to future learning.

* To promote, facilitate  inclusive education.

*To provide a curriculum to meet the needs of every individual learner.

*To kindle the fire of inquiry in the learner.

*To nurture self-esteem, self-worth and emotional wellbeing to develop an ability to cooperate and work with others.

*To practice positive mental thinking.

*To provide a safe and secure environment to the students.

*Value each pupil through personalized attention.

*Motivate students to put in their best in all fields.

*Welcome the support and views of the parents.


Teaching and learning environment is supportive and productive throughout the school. Classes from KG to Grade 12 have LEDS/ SMART BOARDS to make teaching and learning interactive. Dramatization, Role play, Hands on activities, field trips, experiments, flip learning, Project based learning and play way method are some of the activities adopted during teaching and learning process. At the primary level e-learning is introduced through smart learning books series. We also ensure that students learn the skills and values that would make them well equipped to become responsible citizens, critical thinkers and problem solvers of the 21st century. To make them strong in their linguistic abilities the school has introduced Hindi as an language from grade 1 onwards. Lessons are planned well ahead and executed by a team of teachers whose teaching expertise has proved 100 percent results. Students are exposed to various extracurricular and co-curricular activities to enhance holistic development of the children. Learning at our school connects strongly with the communities and practice beyond the classroom. Every lesson is connected with UAE identity so as to promote in children the culture and values they need to know about this blessed land “A home away from home.” Assessment are an integral part of teaching and learning. The introduction of cycle tests lessened the learning burden of the children and they are able to fearlessly appear for their exams with much confidence.


As educators of ADIS we are committed to each and every student in the school. We shall make effort to see that the students learn in a protected and safe environment. We shall not unreasonably restrain the student from independent action in the pursuit of learning and shall not deliberately suppress or distort subject matter relevant to the student’s progress. We will not deny the student access to varying points. We will not intentionally expose the student embarrassment or disparagement. We shall give equal importance to all and treat the student community same even if they are from various caste, creed or religion.