ADIS Music Room

Music is a moral law,
It gives soul to the universe,
Wings to the mind,
Flight to the imagination,
And charm and gaiety to life.”

We are giving our students the chance to fly with their own wings, in their own sky, sky of Melodies\ sky of harmony, colours of Music. Abu Dhabi Indian School is happy and excited to announce about the new feather added in school.

Music Room

With the musical vibes [Naad Brahmand]

Students are getting trained for classical Music.

A Spacious, Sound proof and well equipped Music Room.


Art & Craft

Art is always fun for kids. Immersing their finger into paints and making beautiful pictures bring out their creativity on paper. Art also help kids develop their creative minds. It allows kids to express themselves better. It helps them pour their imaginations on to the paper and give their imagination colour of their choice. Simple things like holding a paintbrush or scribbling with a crayon and colour pencil helps to develop a child’s fine motor skills. There is something special about this field. As they improve and see their own progress, their self-confidence keeps growing. Especially for young kids, drawing, colouring and painting in art classes help develop their visual skills.

In art education classes we teach the students how to interpret and use visual information. Art strengthens problem solving and critical thinking in the students. If they mess up their work, they realize that it’s important to rectify their wrong. Learning to accept their mistakes, fix them, and move ahead helps serve the kids well as they grow older.

In the lower grades, shapes are introduced by showing the students real life objects and having a quiz on the shapes in their surroundings so that the students are able to co-relate it. As they keep going to higher grades, they are taught to use shapes in varies ways like creating pictures using shapes or geometric designs. Slowly and steadily they will be moving to actual drawings show their creativity on paper.

The colour wheel is introduced in grade three to make them aware of the primary and secondary colours. It helps them know how primary colours when mixed together form secondary colours. It helps them understand the mixing of colours to form new colours. This serves as a base for their visual sensibilities and helps the students enhance the beauty of the pictures by creating colourful pictures and using the colour combinations and shades artistically in their creativity.

Till they reach grade seven drawings are taught with a higher degree of difficulty at every stage. The students are instigated to bring out their ideas on paper.

The importance of visualizing in creating beautiful art pieces will be put forward at every stage making them realize why they have to be observant and how it helps them create magic on their papers.

We encourage children’s creativity emphasizing on the culture of UAE so that they are aware of the heritage of this country and understand its development. The Emirati culture and its lifestyle is inculcated in their minds through drawings that depict the culture.

Grade eight onwards, still life object drawings, perspective drawings, pencil shadings, natural sceneries, paintings on canvas, acrylic painting etc. is taught to take them to perfection.

Emphasizing on reusing waste artistically is done every now and then by asking them to create an art piece out of waste. How beautifully waste can be used to create useful things and show pieces are taught which helps the students be creative and come up with different ideas.

Activities held in craft rooms are always enjoyable to the students and art activities often bring out their creativity and make it enjoyable learning as this classes help them take a break from their regular subjects. Group activities like chart making or creating artwork helps them work in collaboration.

Art enhances student’s creativity and is a great platform for self-expression. There are variety of developmental benefits of art and craft for children. Learning to draw stimulates their imagination and brings finesse to their artistic abilities. Learning perspective acts as a teachable science and math process skill and the finer nuances of Geometrical shapes and diagrams. It also enhances student’s confidence in their ability to master visual and perceptual skills. Learning finer aspects of Art & Craft teaches students self-regulation, patience, concentration, self-control and gives them a suitable foundation for future learning.