Transition is currently a club that focuses on Photography, Videography and Image Editing. The club is organized under students of Abu Dhabi Indian School.


To inculcate and develop interest in fields of media arts like photography, videography and editing by conducting meetings and competitions


To generate an environment for students to explore their talent in this particular field and create opportunities for these said talents to prove their excellence.

Teacher Incharge: Mrs. Nandini Kurmude

Office Bearers

President: Dhiraj Pakala
Vice President:  Nishant Balani
Secretary: Anmol Amaresh
Events Coordinator: Udeep Shah
Coordinator: Shrutant Joshi
Coordinator: Vignesh Sunil
Coordinator: Varun Vinay

Activity For Summer Break :

  •  Annual Photography Contest

The annual photography contest is conducted in order to bring out the artistic potential present within students .This competition will help us recognize members who may be willing to serve the club in the coming future .

  • Orientation Programs & Workshops

Transition has been conducting multiple orientation programs and workshops for students of grade 9 & 10 focusing on the basics of photography, videography and editing. These seminars have helped students in clearing up their doubts and learn something which they could probably use in their future.

  • Photo coverage of all school events

Transition has been covering photos & videos of almost all school events ever since its formation. The lists of events covered this year are as follows.

1. Investiture Ceremony

2. Quiz Competition 2017

3. Intra School Debate 2017

Participation – CIFF [ Children’s Int. Film Festival ]

Story Line / Synopsis
The story revolves around two individuals. A man with mysterious backgrounds and a young teen girl named Kara who faces difficulties of her own in her life. Throughout the short film these individuals share their problems with each other and come to a mutual understanding.

Crew :

Director / Script Writer:  Ambarish Suresh

Director / Script Writer: Ambarish Suresh

Director/Editor: Dhiraj Pakala

Script: Amal Vinayan

Cinematographer:  Anmol Amaresh

Cinematographer / Coordinator: Nishant Balani

Associated Script Writer:  Elvin  Jojo Antony


Anika Singh : Mother – Rachel Antony (Major)

Neha Mohan : Daughter – Cara  Antony (Major )

Elvin Jojo : Antony Dad – Raymond Antony (Major)

Amal Vinayan : Friend (Minor)

Nishant Balani : Friend 2 (Minor)

Dhiraj Pakala : Friend 3 (Minor)