To preserve the environment and create awareness in the society about various environmental issues which plague the world and region. To do everything we can to ensure we lead sustainable lives.


A safe planet for the future generation through environmental preservation and sustainability of resources. To guide the present generation towards sustainability and preservation by instilling environmentally responsible habits.

How do we achieve this mission and vision?

  • Through the dedicated efforts of our members, including more than 5000 students and staff of Abu Dhabi Indian School, all of whom impact conservation. Through the dedicated efforts of our members, including more than 5000 students and staff of Abu Dhabi Indian School, all of whom impact conservation.
  • With the help of our many partners, from individuals and governments to local nonprofits and corporations especially Abu Dhabi Environment Agency.
  • Rejuvenating environmental work through community service.
  • Drawing a connecting thread between awareness and life through involvement of students in finding creative and scientific solutions to climate change.
  • Get the environmental education in syllabus
  • By using a non-confrontational, collaborative approach.

Report (April –September 2017)

The academic session began on a good note, with Abu Dhabi Indian School being awarded the third position in the lead school category under the “Sustainable school initiative”. The school was given a cash prize of Dhs. 20000 at a glittering function held at Jumeirah hotel by Abu Dhabi Environment Agency on 10th May 2017.

Investiture Ceremony

The investiture ceremony of the club was held on 25th May for the newly elected committee members of the club.

Our Prakriti Members For 2017-2018:

President: Nabiha Rehanuma (12 E)

Vice President:  Ayush Shah (12 C)

Secretary: Aditya Lakshminarayan (12 C)

Assistant Secretary: Abhiramy Anil Kumar (12 E)

Treasurer: Nuzha Nadeem (12 C)

Media Coordinator: Neha Mohan Nayak (12 D), Ashwin Ashoke (12 F)

Event Coordinator: Nikitha Arjun (12 F), Ayandeep Hazra (11 C)

Recycling Officer: Tanushree Unakkal (12 C), Anirudh Govindrajan Iyengar (12 F)

Committee Members: 

Nazihah Ruknuddin (12 D), Nazihah Ruknuddin (12 D), Shabd Vikas Masand (12 A), Lakshmi Suraj (12 E), Febin Roby Thomas (11 B), Reha Hansraj (12 A), Aadarsh Mohankumar (11 B), Sara Nuzha (12 F), Joel Vivek Edassery (11 D), Rufa Goltay (12 C), Harika Ongole (12 C), Neha Ganesh Pai (12 C)

American University Quiz And Poster Competition

Won the Second Place in the Interschool Environment Quiz Competition

Earth Day

Earth day was celebrated in the school on June 7th 2017 at a special assembly organized by the members of Prakriti.

Waste Segregation

Students of Grade 8, segregating the waste for the Audit.

Annual Audit Preparation

Meeting to discuss and prepare for the Annual Audit Review with Mrs. Kala Krishnan, Mentor and Advisor to the Club.