Outreach The Blog Club

At OUTREACH It Is Our Mission To:

  • Offer a platform for students to share their ideas, opinions, experiences, skills and interests through blogs, articles and other literary media.
  • Effectively manage the school website by showcasing events conducted by the school and informing students about the numerous activities taking place within and outside of our school.
  • Showcase student’s achievements in their various ventures.
  • Inspiring students to read and express their views on works of fiction, non-fiction and current events through book/movie reviews and blogs.
  • Offering students the opportunity to report about events around the school.

 List of Office Bearers 2017-2018:

  • President:  Shrimoyee Ashish Ghosh(XII C)
  • Vice –President:  Parin Joshi (XI B)
  • Media Coordinator: 
  1. Muskan Joshi (XI D)
  2. Sneha Madnani (XI B)
  • Members: 
  1. Divya Murali Krishnan (XII B)
  2. Megan Norma Noronha (XII B)
  3. Amritha Jayakanth (XII C)
  4. Janelle John (XI F)
  5. Sandra Mathew (XI F)
  • Coordinator:

Ms. Juhi Sayyed

Outreach Activities

Collection and editing of blogs

Club members have been involved in collecting blogs, book or movie reviews, comic strips and other submissions from the students and club members every week. The members are also responsible for editing and posting the blogs on the school website.

Compiling data for the school website

Outreach members, along with the coordinator Mrs. Juhi Sayyed and teacher-in-charge Mrs. Sreedevi Binu, have helped in preparing the new school website by editing and compiling data.

The School Newsletter

Outreach club is also responsible for maintaining the school newsletter. The newsletter is technically designed by Megan Norma Noronha of class XII B based on the creative ideas given by Mrs. Juhi Sayyed. Mrs. Anthea S. Barreto has been entrusted with the responsibility of collecting and selecting articles. The link for the newsletter: