The club aims to host activities and competitions to promote science as an interesting field rather than as a boring and dry subject. We aim to make science seem as an engaging and thought provoking subject and not to be looked at it with an academic point of view.

Club Members:

Nikita Dharaiya – President (12-B)

Tanya Tapan Mondal – Vice President (11-C)

Srinidhi Sriram – Secretary (12-B)

Rhea Rhoopesh – Joint Secretary (9-E)

Firdous Mohammed Farooq – Event Coordinator (11-B)


We are planning to host quizzes, debates and seminars based on the recent findings in the fields of the pure sciences. These activities will be suited for the ages of 13-17 year olds that are able to question, create ideas and have a passion for the pure sciences. Questioning the moral, ethical and logical sides of these new findings can help fuel new innovative ideas.