Chrysalis 2017

Our Vision

Arts Theatre is an activity club focusing on teaching theatre, where amateurs are given a chance to produce challenging theatrical work which engages, educates, and entertains.
We strive to improve quality of life by providing exposure to children helping them channelize emotions as this plays a vital role .

Our Mission

Our vision for chrysalis Arts Theatre is based on the following values:

Engagement: Chrysalis Arts Theatre seeks to engage our learners by presenting classical and contemporary works that stimulate discussion and action.

Education: Chrysalis Arts Theatre provides theatre and arts education to all ages in order to promote life- long learning and to cultivate a love for the arts.

Entertainment: Chrysalis  Arts seeks to produce theatrical works that will entertain our audiences.

How Do We Achieve This Mission And Vision?

Through the dedicated efforts of our members
By providing a platform to children to showcase the hidden talent

Activities: Inaugration

President:  Anika Singh      Xii A

Vice President: Tanvi Kirtani    Xi C

Secretary: Hazel Simon      Xi F

Media Coordinator: Navya Sukanya Xii A

Art Coordinator: Husna Ashraf Xi D

Coordinator:  Ritu Verma, Sushma Duggal, Prema

Activities For 2016-17: Romeo And Juliet : A Play By William Shakespeare