Our Vision:

  • To encourage fine art awareness.
  • To compliment school-based art education.
  • To enrich students’ lives through art.
  • To discover new talent from within our diverse school body.
  • To enhance their school experience
  • To foster students’ exposure to art
  • To spark imagination and creative ability among students

Our Mission:

  • Elevating critical thinking through the various art departments for social and cultural growth of the students.
  •  Increasing opportunities for students to exhibit their creativity by holding school contests in the fields of arts, photography and techtonix.
  •  Boosting confidence levels of students by providing a platform for them to showcase their abilities
  •  Giving students the recognition they deserve for their skills by holding seminars where they have the upper hand.
  •  Stimulate the young learners by helping them discover the latent forces within them.
  •  Harnessing and honing their skills to prepare them for the future.

Office Bearers For The Year 2017-18

  •  The Club President: Reshma Binu: XII-D
  •  Vice President:     Mehrin Firdousi: XI-A
  •  Arts Coordinator: Jaina Vaishnav: XI-A
  •  Arts Committee Member: Neha Khan: XI-A
  •  Photography Coordinator: Swati Malhotra: XI-C
  •  Photography Committee Member:  Ayushi Agnihotri: XI-A
  •  TechTonix Coordinator: Riya Roshan Joseph: XII-C
  •  TechTonix Committee Member: Safiya Fathima Syed: XI-A

Activities For The Year 2016-17


A photography competition on the theme ‘Travel and Tourism’ which was held for the senior students in the year 2016-17 had several participants out of which 5 students bagged the top positions.

First Position:

Neha Mohan – 11 D

First Position:

Reshma Binu – 11 D

Second Position:

Fathima Nazmeen – 12 C

Second Position:

Beepasha – 12 D

Third Position:

Vaishnavi Jagdale – 10 H

The crew that made the event possible.

Scratch Animation Competition was held for students in the middle and senior section. With Scratch students could program their own interactive stories, simulations, games. Students were introduced to the world of coding and this competition gave students a chance to start imagining, exploring and creating!

The photography department of the club along with club members take care of the photography and videography of the various events and activities held in the school.

The club members have participated in an inter-school short film making competition which also invited massive response. This competition was a wonderful experience for the students as they had a chance to get good exposure in this field.

Activities For The Year 2017-18


The techtonix department of the club has held a digital comic strip making competition and Scratch animation competition during the summer vacation which captured the interest of many. Students were asked to sketch out digitally a funny moment, an interesting perspective, or any creative idea based on the given storyline. Through this students were introduced to the massive field of graphic designing, which is an ever-growing field.

The club has also held competitions in the fields of photography and videography such as the Boomerang video making competition using the famous app and citizens’ report making competition, which encourages students to go outside and find aesthetic beauty in everyday life.

The club has also planned activities in the visual arts such double exposure art for seniors, painting on a given theme for the middles, and origami for juniors.