Prakriti Environment Club:

Launched officially in 1992, the objectives of the environment club are to encourage the school as well as its students and staff members embrace sustainable ways. It started out as a club that reached out to spread environmental awareness among its students, staff and the community at large. Over the years, the club has observed environmental occasions, conducted contests, campaigns and drives to increase levels of awareness. The highlight of the calendar has been the Environment Awareness Week, which includes students from the entire school, in contests like paper reading, debates, quizzes, drawing and colouring. The club has been hosting the Inter School Environment Awareness Quiz, which attracts schools from all over the UAE to participate.
Besides conducting activities in school, the club has participated in activities and contests conducted by prestigious organizations like the FEA, EEG, Shell Markets and the EAD. 
Our students have conducted field studies on almost every eco system in the UAE for the Shell Better Environment Awards and have won prizes for many of them. We have also participated in public speaking contests and paper and can recycling campaigns conducted by the EEG Dubai, and won awards.
We have been participating in the Enviro Spellathon conducted by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi since its inception in 2001 and also taken part in the Annual Environment Competition in various categories, like painting, short story writing, poster making, and researched report and have won many prizes. 
Since 2009, we have been taking part in the Sustainable Schools Initiative launched by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, and have been conducting green school audits, integrating environment education effectively in the curriculum, as well as taking students out on field trips regularly. We have successfully reduced our water consumption as well as generation of waste paper by 5% – 20%. Needless to say, we have been winning awards every year in at least two categories. Last year, we won the Gold Award for the Best Green Audit and the Silver Award for the Most Sustainable School. 
An environmental policy has been framed and implemented in school this year. Students and staff have been advised to refrain from using unsafe plastic bottles to store drinking water. More measures will be introduced in phases to help the school become more sustainable regularly. 
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Earth Day Bags Project

200 paper bags were taken from Home Centre, decorated by students with drawings, pictures and messages, and returned to the store for distribution among customers on Earth Day. Customers were very appreciative of our initiative.

Fashion Show

We have been overusing the earth’s resources for many decades. What is slightly less known is that it is linked with our consumption habits and waste generation. Managing our junk is becoming increasingly important. As a fun way of highlighting this pertinent issue, Prakriti organized a fashion show with clothes made of waste materials. The show was held on 22 September, to coincide with Clean up the World Weekend. The focal point was the issue of waste generation and management. The clothes featured a variety of types of waste: e-waste (a skirt made of used CDs dazzled the audience, but also educated them about the dangers of casually throwing away used electronic goods), plastic waste (we found several innovative ways of using black garbage bags, Styrofoam bits and used plastic cups in clothing), aluminium foil wrappers (a gown made entirely of used chips packets is a case in point) and old clothes (worn out denims, used ties and a dupatta were brought back to life in the form of new clothes). In the process of making dresses from junk, Prakriti members realized that almost anything can be reused with a little creativity. Thus, an umbrella was turned into a skirt, a shower curtain into an adorable gown and paper into beautiful flowers. The fashion show was a huge hit with staff and students alike, and ultimately achieved its goal of enlightening the audience through a fun event.

Tile Mural Inauguration

Green Abu Dhabi 2010, spearheaded by Mr. Suhail Jashanmal, launched a Tile Mural project, ‘Our Tomorrow’, in which more than 1000 students participated. In October/November 2010, as part of this project, ADIS students bought several tiles (for 10 dirhams each) donated by RAK Ceramics. 15,000 tiles found their way to over 50 schools across the UAE– (the proceeds went to the EWS –WWF and the Future Centre). These tiles were then painted by schoolchildren of all ages, around the theme, ‘Your vision of a greener Abu Dhabi’. Most of the tiles depicted pictures of local flora and fauna. Our students painted around 1000 tiles under the supervision of their art teachers. After the tiles were painted and ready, they were collected from schools all over the country. Mr. Jashanmal composed a mural, entitled ‘Our Tomorrow’ with more than 2,000 tiles. 25 students from ADIS helped assemble and compose the tiles according to Mr. Jashanmal’s vision, over a period of three days. The mural was inaugurated in ADIS on 3rd May 2011. Several dignitaries were present on the occasion and HH Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research unveiled the mural. The event was covered by the local media. Prakriti displayed its activities and achievements over the years at the event and received great appreciation and encouragement from the visitors. The experience with the mural gave Prakriti members invaluable knowledge of dealing with public events.

Environment Week

Each year, Prakriti celebrates its annual Environment Week with an array of activities for the whole school, right from kindergarten. This year was no different. The Week, held in December, included several competitions, within the school as well as between schools. The week kicked off with the Intra School Debate held for the senior section of the school. The preliminary round was conducted on the topic ‘Mitigation and adaptation towards climate change do not correspond with the growing levels of concern’. After fierce debating, one team from the girls’ side and another from the boys’ made it to the finals. The final debate was on the motion, ‘Twenty years since the Rio Summit, sustainable development is still only a buzzword’. An entertaining but intensely thought-provoking debate ensued, with both teams coming up with relevant points.

Sustainable School Awards

Abu Dhabi Indian School is a part of the Sustainable Schools Initiative (SSI) launched by the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi (EAD). Throughout the year, Prakriti members work hard in greening the school by auditing our consumption in various sectors, integrating environmental practices into the curriculum and reaching out to the community to educate the public about going green. Over a hundred schools from all over Abu Dhabi take part in the SSI. Our school was nominated for two awards this year, and we won prizes in both categories!

Recording our consumption of resources is an integral step towards going green, because it tells us exactly where we need to improve and whether our mitigation over the years has borne fruit. We went the extra mile this year and conducted a detailed energy analysis to determine the biggest electricity guzzler in our school. The hours we spent on work paid off, and we were adjudged the winners.

Gold Award Best Green School Audit

Recording our consumption of resources is an integral step towards going green, because it tells us exactly where we need to improve and whether our mitigation over the years has borne fruit. We went the extra mile this year and conducted a detailed energy analysis to determine the biggest electricity guzzler in our school. The hours we spent on work paid off, and we were adjudged the winners.

Silver Award Most Sustainable School

Raising awareness is all well and good, but our actions are far more important. This year, Prakriti’s extensive efforts were recognized, as we were awarded the silver award in this category. Our efforts at integrating the green school audit into out curriculum and the drastic reduction in our waste production played a major role in this award.

The Robotics Club – GEARS

The Robotic club for Senior Boys section – GEARS – was inaugurated at ADIS premises on 25-06-2012 in the presence of senior dignitaries from the School. The main objective of Robotics Club is to promote experimentation with electronics, provide a forum for discussion and sharing information, and gives its members a community to participate in and to learn about the field of robotics and machine technology. Our Students built LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors, connected them to a computer and used programming tool to program behavior. Through these curricular activities, the students were able to acquire further knowledge on the basic principles of Mechanics, Electronics and Mathematics. 
GEARS is focusing on creating mechanical peers that may even be potent to work without human intervention. Each member of this family is provided mechanical, electronic, and informative aid besides the indispensable guidance of experienced members.