Career & Counselling

Counselling Centre

In line with the mission and vision statement of the school, the Counselling Centre offers guidance and counselling services to students and their parents. The students are given an opportunity to discuss personal, social, behavioral and academic problems in a confidential, non-judgmental and supportive environment. Through the counseling process the students are helped to develop greater self-understanding and discover new strengths. They are encouraged to develop their own point of view, achieve satisfying adjustments in all aspects of life, and make decisions and choices as intelligently and wisely as possible.

Personal Counselling:

Through personal counselling students are helped to deal with issues relating to teenage, poor academic performance, behavioral and emotional issues, conflict resolution, peer pressure, bullying, relationship and stress management etc. To make the personal counseling more effective, the Counsellor liaison with teachers and parents for information and required support. The school also conducts workshops for students on various important topics like Happy Advantage, Stress management, Leadership training, study skills and time management etc.  Apart from regular assessments, the students are also given an opportunity to participate in International Benchmarking Tests, science aptitude tests and various other assessments conducted by ADEC to help them know and compare their academic potential at the International level.

Career Guidance & Counselling:

Career guidance program of the Counselling Centre helps students make an informed decision relating to stream selection and higher education so that they are well prepared for global education and are capable of contributing to the welfare of the society at large. The following activities are conducted by the Counselling Centre to achieve this goal:

  • Conduct aptitude and intelligence tests to help students understand their strengths in different subject areas.
  • Advice and inform students about higher education options in different countries, admission process, eligibility, ranking organizing career talks, career exhibitions, seminars and workshops.
  • Help students for admission in various professional courses and colleges by informing them about all the major entrance examinations and organizing mock exams.
  • Guide and administer university applications for admission in various countries which involves online application, preparation of recommendation letters and uploading transcripts, predicted grades and school profile etc.
  • Network with the admission offices of universities for updates and latest admission requirements.
  • Inform students about volunteering and community service opportunities to help them build a competitive profile for admission in good universities.

Special Needs Students And Gifted And Talented Students

The school now has two Counselors who are available in the school from 7.30 AM to 3.15 PM.

Contact details:

Ms. Veena Raghwa

School Phone No. – 02-4488025, Ext.- 245

Mrs Varsha Samant

School Phone No: – 02-4488025